Perfect & All Natural Body Sugaring Treatment in Port Elgin and Owen Sound


 “Get smooth with Esthetics by Sheri.”


We offer the very best sugaring treatment in Owen Sound and Port Elgin. We recognize the potential of the goddess that lies within you and wish to help you highlight your best features. Let us help make your skin the best it can be. Sugaring is done at body temperature so there is never a risk of burning the skin during treatments. Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells, therefore when it is removed, it only removes the dead skin cells along with the hair. This leaves behind fresh, exfoliated, hair free skin that glows.

Body sugaring treatment enables you to get rid of extra hair that can not only annoy you but also douse your aesthetic appeal. We guarantee a seamless skin after our procedure as we believe in delivering the ideal hair removal experience.

Along with many women, you may struggle with the issue of body hair removal as you enhance your natural beauty. While hair removal is part of your regular routine, it can often turn out to be a tedious task. But with our professional skills, the entire procedure passes by like a breeze!

Professional Body Sugaring

Sugaring is a more gentle type of hair removal.  It doesn’t stick to skin, it only binds to the hair, whereas wax pulls your skin when removing hair. This makes sugaring especially well if you have sensitive skin, because it causes less irritation and isn’t as painful as waxing.

You can also easily clean up after sugaring by simply using water to rinse off, as all of the ingredients in the mix are natural, so they dissolve.

Apart from our conventional waxing or hair removing, we also cater to your hair removal needs with facial waxing in Owen Sound, Canada. We offer these exceptional services for you to benefit from and achieve a smooth skin that helps you stand out in a crowd.

All you have to do is give us a call or book online to set up an appointment, and we will do the rest. We offer our clients the attention they need to provide the best beauty solutions in Owen Sound. We use clinically proven sugaring products for every skin type. Our customer-centric service is inclined towards providing the best customer experience when it comes to opting for hair removal.