This debate has been running quite for a long time now. As if you have already understood from the title, we’ll be discussing what’s best for you skin, Shave or Waxing? Well to answer this, both methods are equally useful and both of them have their own pros and cons.

Hair Growth Rate:

Starting from shave, it’s an easy and portable process whereas you just have to use a razor and wipe away but it doesn’t exfoliates the hair from the follicle or root so it grows back again in 1-2 days. While on the other hand waxing provides a more soft and comfortable effect on skin and makes it glow as well since it exfoliates the hair from the follicle which takes around 1-2 weeks to grow back again.

Viability and Affordability:

If you’re more into travelling, have a fast paced job where you have to look sharp all the time, razor can seem to be a better choice because of the portability and the cost as well but in retrospective, waxing can also be an option of preference because it makes the hair go away for a considerable long time! Back Wax and Leg Wax can be your best friends if you like to get rid of hair for longer periods because of the cloth touch and skin irritation.

The…. Winner?

Judging this competition under the lights of factual pros and cons was hard but we do have a winner here which is waxing! Yes, waxing is a lot easier because shaving every third or fourth day would cost you the same and even the process and get quite tedium and dangerous too(beware of those cuts!). So if you’re looking to get Bikini Wax in Owen Sound then, Esthetics by Sheri Walter is the most trusted choice around here. We have the best Body, Bikini and Facial Waxing services in Owen Sound Canada

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