Micro blading in Canada has become a hot new trend among makeup enthusiasts as a semi-permanent makeup for brows. Women all over the world are going crazy over this new method of making the eyebrows look fuller without any makeup every morning. Coupled with the eyelash extension methods in Canada, this method gives an attractive look for the whole face feature. While this method is booming, let us take a look at some benefits it offers.

Lasting Results:

The process of micro blading in Canada offers long-lasting and fantastic results, and in easy words, consider it as a permanent tattoo that gives a perfect look to your brows. The time limit for micro blading is about 2-3 years, so you do not need to rush to a salon every time there is a party.

No Maintenance Needed:

Another advantage of having micro blading in Canada is to eliminate the need for constant maintenance. There is no need to worry about making a perfect arch, pluck, or waxing as it is an easy way to get perfect and flawless eyebrows all week long!

Regain Eyebrows:

The process of micro blading in Canada is a perfect solution for those who have lost their eyebrows due to certain diseases or treatments like chemotherapy. Micro blading will benefit anyone who has lost hair on their brows. The detailed nature of the process allows it to look as effective as the natural ones, trust us on this one!

Painless Yet Effective:

The perfect arch of flawless and perfectly shaped eyebrows without any painful procedure is only available through micro blading in Canada. The first thing your esthetician will do is use a numbing cream on your brows, which makes the whole process virtually painless. The only thing you will feel is the sensation of carving as the pigments are implemented.

No Color Loss:

A tattoo starts to lose its color with time, but the pigment implemented during micro blading in Canada does not lose color as it is specifically made all organic. However, they do lose saturation, which requires you to have touchup sessions.

Micro blading is a safe process in the hands of a professional artist and has a minimal downtime. Combine your micro blading with eyelash extensions in Canada to give your eyes a fuller look that makes everyone look at you.

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