Esthetics By Sheri

Eyelashes uphold both functional and cosmetic features as not only do they prevent any foreign objects from entering your eyes, but they also entail several cosmetic benefits. We believe in catering to both of those aspects as our services include but are not limited to eyelash extensions, lash lifting, and tinting.

Our expertise enables us to offer eyelash extensions in Owen Sound hassle-free as our adhesive is formulated to hold them into place for the dedicated number of weeks. We know just how to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your lashes by adding length and volume. Our natural eyelash extensions in Owen Sound are installed to feel seamless and not cause any discomfort as you go about your daily life.

Natural eyelash extensions in Owen Sound not only improve the volume of your eyelashes but also entail a plethora of benefits for your eyes. We ensure that our extensions augment the potential of your eyelashes via their lightweight design and unique look that’s bound to help you stand out from the crowd.

Esthetics’ eyelash tint and lift in Owen Sound are the solutions to rejuvenate the health of your lashes by innovative twists on lash perms. This treatment enhances the features of your lashes by adding depth and sharpness, along with making them look thicker and fuller. Our lifts are low maintenance and affordable as we utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide you with exceptional service every time!

Having irresistible eyes has never been this easy as Esthetics by Sheri has made it. We specialize in a diverse range of cosmetic care but eyelashes in particular. We help you achieve that glamorous look with our team of professionals and their years of experience in the industry.