Glowing skin is something that mostly all of us aspire to have but not only one have it and we drool over those who do. But how to stop drooling and start glowing? Well, Sugaring to the rescue!

First of all, this is not the sugaring that you’re thinking about. But it feels the same. How? Well, Sugaring Hair Removal is a process to exfoliate your skin as its core function is to remove the dead cells residing in the skin. A smooth finish is also one of the attributes and it is a lot less painful than the traditional waxing.

The key feature of this process is the lukewarm temperature which prevents the “burning” effect since it’s not “Waxing”. Discomfort is also not a thing here since it does not stick to the hair. Removing hair in their natural direction causes the skin to be at the best state of color and also the cleanse look causes it to glow. While after wax there usually a state of discomfort, but sugaring makes it a lot easier.

Moreover, ditching the old school wax would also be a better option since sugaring provides a fresh after-effect while a waxed skin can be easily identified. If you compare the afterlook of skins with hair removed through both methods you’ll be astonished to see the difference. So if you’re looking for Body Sugaring in Owen Sound then Esthetics by Sheri Walter should be your go-to spot! The world-class treatment will leave you awestruck and feeling all comfortable and fresh. From Sugaring to Lashes Treatment we provide a bunch of quality beauty services that you deserve because we understand how important it is for skin to be treated with the care and delicacy it deserves.

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