Life is short; your lashes shouldn’t be!

Lashes primarily do a great job at keeping our eyes free from dust and other toxins in the air, but they don’t always have the WOW factor we long for. Over the years, makeup creators and designers have worked hard to develop mascara to add drama, fullness, and length to our natural eyelashes, but they only got messier and heavier.

A great alternative to buying mascara with groceries every month is eyelash extensions. Read on to find out why we love lashes, and once you get them, how you should keep them.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

Enhance your natural eyes. Longer, fuller, and lush lashes elevate your eyes and draw people in; they just can’t take their eyes off you!

Ditch the Mascara struggle every day. Mascara can burn a hole in your pocket. And neither can live up to your expectations. Eyelash extensions help you highlight your eyes without the fear of mascara smearing in the rain or when you go exercise and swimming!

Look Natural:

Eyelash extensions are extremely light and blend in with your own lashes, giving your eyes a natural yet eminent look!

Water Resistant. Unlike strip lashes or mascara, individual eyelash extensions are always water-resistant, giving you the freedom to splash and enjoy pool parties and many other activities without worrying about your look!

Caring for Eyelash Extension:

Once you are done with an eyelash tint and lift, there are a few ways to help prolong the life of your lash extensions:

Face Washing:

Refrain from rubbing your eyelashes while washing your face, use a washcloth or sponge to help avoid your eyes during face washing.

Oily Products:

Oils can lead the adhesive bond to break down, be sure to avoid applying any kind of oily products on or even near your lashes.

Touching, Pulling, and Rubbing. Keep your hands off your eyes after getting the lashes done. They do look tempting, but it is important to avoid touching, rubbing, or pulling them.

Makeup and Remover:

Use only water-based makeup. Get a remover also, as it will increase the durability of your lashes.

Mascara and Curling:

Do NOT use an eyelash curler or mascara with your eyelash extensions, as this may damage the extensions and force them to pull out.

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