Sugaring hair removal is an all-natural removal technique that does not require paper strips like the traditional wax removal method. This body sugaring method uses a special sugaring paste for hair removal that consists of lemon juice, water, and of course, sugar. An esthetician uses their hands to gently rub the paste on the opposite side of hair growth and leaves it to cool off. It gets harder once it cools and then flicked in the hair growth direction that keeps the hair intact and prevents breakage. Wax, on the other hand, has the tendency to break the hair at the surface rather than pulling them out. The traditional waxing method allows for hair breakage, whereas body sugaring is a more gentle process by which the hair grows back softer and smoother.

Ingredients of the Paste:

Sugaring is a 100% natural form of hair removal and the safest way. The ingredients of sugaring paste for hair removal consist of natural ingredients of lemon juice, sugar, and water. These ingredients make the paste safe to use and do not produce any harmful effects on the skin. Most body sugaring aestheticians in Owen Sound apply the paste at a temperature slightly warmer than body temperature – allowing it to stick to the hair and not the skin. This sugaring hair removal method can be applied multiple times in the same area to remove stubborn hair due to the gentleness of sugar.
On the other hand, traditional wax needs to be heated into a liquid and applied while hot. This can lead to serious burns or occasional scarring. Sugaring paste for hair removal is perfect for sensitive skin due to its gentle nature and composition.


Waxing removes body hair, but along with it, it also acts as an exfoliating agent as it takes out the outermost layer of the dead skin cells. Wax grabs both the skin and hair, and when it’s pulled off, you will feel a sensation of both your hair pulling out as well as a gentle tugging on the skin. In contrast to this, sugaring paste for hair removal does not stick to the skin at all. It only pulls the hair without having any exfoliation features compared to the wax. Hence sugaring hair removal is a less painful method of removal as compared to waxing.


Both sugaring and waxing are convenient against shaving because of the effects of both last longer. But between these two options, sugaring hair removal has slightly more advantage over waxing as you can easily wash off the residue of the paste with water after removal. To remove the wax, you need oils to stop the stickiness to skin or clothes. But after the sugaring paste hair removal method, you can hop into the shower and clean the residue with warm water on the area you just sugared and get rid of the stickiness.

Other Features

Sugaring Hair Removal

• Natural Ingredients
• Soluble in water
• Bacteria-resistant
• Less painful and irritating
• Removes hair from the follicle
• Skin feels soft, comfortable and clean


• Contains chemical resins
• Difficult to wash with water
• Bacteria survive in warm wax temperature
• More painful due to exfoliation
• Results in hair breakage or follicle damage
• Skin feels raw and rough

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