Let’s Delve into the Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

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Micro blading in Canada has become a hot new trend among makeup enthusiasts as a semi-permanent makeup for brows. Women all over the world are going crazy over this new method of making the eyebrows look fuller without any makeup every morning. Coupled with the eyelash extension methods in Canada, this method gives an attractive look for the whole face feature. While this method is booming, let us take a look at some benefits it offers.

Lasting Results:

The process of micro blading in Canada offers long-lasting and fantastic results, and in easy words, consider it as a permanent tattoo that gives a perfect look to your brows. The time limit for micro blading is about 2-3 years, so you do not need to rush to a salon every time there is a party. Read More

Jealous of Your Friend With Having Fuller Eyebrows? Eyebrow Microblading is What You Need!

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If you’ve always been fond of a full brow but have been cursing your natural aesthetics for not “Blessing” you with a fuller one, you are certainly not alone! We know how CRUCIAL it is for you to find something that helps you ensure that if ANYTHING is making an impactful first statement about your already-gorgeous face, it is your FULLER, THICKER brows! With the trends like “Tattooing” an arched eyebrow on your face that dates 2 decades back, the current methods have proven themselves to be more towards finesse! If your searches have made you come across ”Eyebrow Microblading” and you’ve been wondering what the benefits associated to it are, let the beauty experts at Esthetics by Sheri enlighten you with what you need to know:

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