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Saloon & Spa

Esthetics By Sheri

Sugaring and Waxing

Sugaring and Waxing


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Cross the threshold of Esthetic’s by Sheri and be transported to a pleasant oasis where ancient techniques blend with modern requirements in beauty, health, and hygiene. The sensory details you experience at Esthetic’s by Sheri transport you to a peaceful realm of tranquility and prep you for a calm, and silky smooth skin sensation.

Falling in Love with Nature, Again

At Esthetic’s by Sheri we always ensure you leave your space feeling your best – and super smooth. But not just that, we care about your overall experience during your chosen services, and we can guarantee your time at our spa will be worth it!

New to sugaring hair removal? Esthetic’s by Sheri is your place to be.

For centuries people all around the world have been using sugar to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. The method – sugaring – is all-natural, making it a safe alternative to waxing. Sugaring helps remove the hair at the root, which did cause a certain degree of pain. However, it is still less painful than waxing. Sugaring is the best hair removal method as it can even be used at normal body temperature, which causes less irritation to the skin.

The sugar we use in our process is made entirely of natural and pure ingredients – think of even eating it. Our sugar dissolves with water seamlessly because, so you don’t feel “sticky” after the treatment. At Esthetic’s by Sheri , we don’t use burning sugar on your skin; in fact, it’s applied at the most comforting temperature, which keeps your skin and nerves relaxed and less receptive to discomfort.

Doing it, Esthetically!

Experience pure delight in Esthetic’s by Sheri , where we offer the best facial waxing Owen in Sound Canada and provide you with a spa feel that replenishes, restores, and rejuvenates all of your needs.